Whether it is a small intimate gathering or a large event with lots of people to impress, Chef Hyson will give an experience to remember. Chef Hyson can provide just the right service for your unique event!

Drop Off

Drop Off Services are the most basic and the most affordable of your catering choices. Food is dropped off hot or cold in disposable containers for you to serve in the way that suits you best. Prices will vary depending on the type of food chosen and the number of people to be served.

Buffet Service

Buffet Service is the best choice for serving large numbers of people while still keeping costs down as much as possible. With Basic Buffet Service, Chef Hyson will prepare the food, set up the buffet, and provide everything to serve and to keep the food hot or cold, as needed. This includes the cleanup of the buffet as well. Larger events may require servers and support staff, which are available at an additional cost. 

Family Style

Family Style is a great alternative to individually plated meals. This choice offers the warmth of friends and family serving themselves out of bowls and plates brought to the table. Additional costs may include rentals to accommodate a party's specific needs. Also, additional servers may be needed for parties greater than 20.

Plated Meals

Plated Meals are for those occasions when a more formal service is the best choice for you and your guests. Chef Hyson will make sure each plate looks its best and is served to each guest personally. Prices will vary depending on the number of courses served, food choices and the number of servers needed to accommodate the size of your special occasion.

Full Service 

Full Service is for those times when you need help cleaning up the dishes beyond what we used for preparing your meal. Other Full Service needs might include any set up of the tables that you or your guests will be dining on. This may also include table set-up, rental arrangements, or any degree of table decoration and mood-making that you might need for your special event.

Cooking Classes

Chef Hyson can create a cooking class for your specific needs and interests. Whether it is for personal growth, family health and bonding, or team building workshops for your friends or colleagues, Chef Hyson can make learning to cook fun and interesting. All classes can end with you and your group sharing an amazing meal that everyone helped to create. Classes vary in cost depending on number of people and your particular culinary goals.


Tastings are a great way to experience Chef Hyson's culinary talents before your event. Whether you are wanting to test out his chops or decide on the perfect items for your special event, arrange for a tasting for yourself or up to 5 people.